6 Inspirational Ceiling Ideas

Keep your chin up- there might be a cool ceiling. Is this a new trend? Is this an old trend? We don’t know but we can all probably agree it looks awesome. If you’re wanting to spice up the heavens of your house, check out these inspirational ideas.

 Reclaimed Wood:

It’s a classic, it’s clean, it’s reclaimed wood. At 6400 Arapahoe Rd. we’ve got plenty of pallets to take care of your ceiling needs. The hard part…to stain or not to stain… Source


Window Shutters:

Texture, color, and a bit of intrigue. Window shutters on your ceiling is whimsical and definitely unexpected. Source








If ain’t broken… hang some logs from your ceiling for that minimalist, rustic touch. Source



Glass Bottles:

You’re crushing the recycling scene but suddenly, *bam* you’ve been hit with inspiration to cover your ceiling with glass bottles. Here’s what that could look like. Source



So you read and you want everyone to know you read. It’ll probably improve your street cred, you’ll finally get that promotion you’ve been waiting for, and you know that thing you lost years ago? That super important, precious object? It’ll show up. Put books on your wall and ceiling. Source



Yes. There is a boat on this ceiling. If you want to recreate this at home… be sure to do your research and good luck! Source








Feeling inspired but missing the supplies? Head over to Resource Central on 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, CO. We are passionate about reuse and landfill diversion. Our community members donate used building materials so that we can resell them to our community and invest in conservation programs.