Fall 2022 Renew Our Schools Competition: Largest Yet!

Resource Central’s Renew Our Schools Fall 2022 competition wrapped up this past November as the largest competition to date! More schools means more energy actions means more energy savings for all participating schools. While we had 6 winners, one from each of our cohorts, the real winner here is earth. Let’s take a look at the results.

A Renew Our Schools infographic that shows the Fall 2022 competition by the numbers.
The numbers are impressive! Over twenty six thousand students were impacted by Renew Our Schools this Fall. 500 Energy Actions were completed by our 43 participating schools.


What does an Energy Action look like? Well, it’s better shown than told:


OH Schultz was one of 6 winning schools this Fall, having earned a total of 500 action points. By engaging the whole school through actions like hosting an assembly, posting “lights out” reminder signs all over school, and engaging administrators and their facility manager , they saved an astounding 16% of energy from their baseline! 


The Renew Our Schools competition provides participating schools with a list of over 35 School Energy Actions to choose from. The goal of the School Energy Actions, or SEA’s for short, is to help students better understand the concept of energy. When students better understand what energy is, how it’s consumed, and how it’s NOT consumed, they’re able to make more informed decisions about energy consumption in their buildings. Ultimately, when a school participates in Renew Our Schools, they can have an immediate impact on when, where and how energy is used to support them.


At Resource Central, we consider the Energy Savings schools achieve by participating in Renew Our Schools to be a positive byproduct of the amazing actions students are taking towards learning. Renew Our Schools brings energy to life in a way that students can understand the abstract concept, and ultimately not only make smarter decisions in their classrooms, but also bring their new found knowledge home. Renew Our Schools empowers students, teachers, and administrators to make smarter energy choices through active learning. Knowledge is power, and we’re getting smart about energy use!


Congratulations to all our participants in the FA22 Renew Our Schools competition!

Jeffco Group 2 Wisconsin Group 1
Green Mountain HS Tainter Elementary
Conifer HS Eagle River Elementary School
Evergreen Middle Haugen Elementary
Creighton Middle Wakanda Elementary
Arvada West High School Marathon Area Elementary
Bradford Intermediate SAGES
Jeffco Group 1 Anthony Acres Charter School
Hutchinson Elementary Oaklawn Elementary
Parmalee Elementary OH Shultz Elementary
Governor’s Ranch Elementary Wisconsin Group 2
Wilmot Elementary Sheboygan High School
Elk Creek Elementary Prairie View Middle School
Slater Elementary Rosholt High School
Little Elementary Silver Lake Intermediate School
Bradford Primary Big Foot Union High School
Colorado Group 2 Parkview High School
Ranch View Middle School Webster Middle School
Stem Launch Oconomowoc High School
Northglenn High School
Rock Canyon High School
Stem Lab
Colorado Group 1
Cougar Run Elementary
Coyote Ridge Elementary
Studio School
Riverdadle Elementary
Ivy Stockwell Elementary
Summit View Elementary
Eagleview Elementary


If you’re interested in participating in Renew Our Schools, or learning more about our program, click here!