June 8th – Cheers to the Environment

We have been in continual cheers since the announcement of the 2019 Avery Brewing Invitational & Anniversary Party. This year, the events’ proceeds will go to support conservation programs in our community with Resource Central. Before diving into our favorite Avery beers, here’s what you need to know about the party.

  • Over 200 beers from 75+ breweries
  • Local live music from 2 stages
  • Timed barrel tappings
  • Event glassware to show off to your friends
  • Beer seminars so you can sound intelligent to said friends.

All of this is included in the $45 ticket! The Avery Brewing Invitational & Anniversary Party is on June 8th from 12pm – 5pm.

Staff Favorites


Brandon, our Program Director of the Materials Reuse facility, enjoys the smooth Ellie’s Brown. It’s an American Brown Ale and tastes as good as it sounds.





Our Development Director, Liz says that she was evangelized to the world of beer with this brew. The Reverend has spicy and sweet flavors and a 10% ABV!





Brad is a Conservation Associate at our Materials Reuse facility. He’s a fan of the excellent coffee stout, Out of Mind.





Darren, one of our Water Programs Managers, enjoys the Maharaja IPA. This beer does not hold back any flavor, seriously.




Imagine, you could be trying all of these on June 8th, and 150+ more. We hope to see you there!