Renew Our Schools Receives Grant Allowing for 30 Underserved Middle Schools to Participate in an Energy Reduction Program

Renew Our Schools has some exciting news to share!  A generous grant from All Points North Foundation ( will support Renew Our Schools’ engagement of some 30 underserved middle schools from anywhere in the U.S. to participate in our energy reduction program for only $200. The program has schools compete to reduce their energy use by changing their school’s energy behaviors.  Each competing school is equipped with an eGauge electricity monitor that measures the school’s energy use in real time. An eGauge is a powerful tool that gives students and staff instant feedback about their energy-saving efforts.  Students can flip a light switch and see the reduction in energy use right away on a graph. The tools help the students analyze their school’s energy use–room by room, or appliance by appliance- and make efforts to reduce it.

Also, schools can earn points by doing other energy-themed actions such as incorporating energy-themed lessons into their curriculum, conducting an energy audit, speaking to administration about potential energy saving policies they could enforce in their school, or inviting experts to speak to their club or school.  The program gives students a chance to be leaders in their school and create change.

“This program has such depth,” says Kathy Croasdale, Program Manager. “Schools save energy and money that can be used in other areas of the school, but we see students become powerful, passionate leaders who create change. It has transformed so many students!”

Renew Our Schools is a powerful program that should be a part of every interested school, but the entry cost ($1,200) can prohibit some schools from joining.  This grant allows schools that truly need this program to participate for a greatly reduced cost. We have seen schools reduce their energy use by up to 25% and that savings is money that can be used in other areas of the school.  Underserved, or Title 1 schools need this money the most. In addition, the program exposes students to experts from the energy field who demonstrate what careers are available in sustainability.


If you are a Title 1, or underserved middle school (private, public, K-8s all qualify) anywhere in the US, please contact to find out how to apply.


Find out more about the All Points North Foundation here.