Get Smart About Energy Use

School districts across the country are putting an emphasis on getting smarter with energy consumption in their facilities. And why shouldn’t they when utility costs are often one of the highest expenses on their budget. Renew Our Schools supports districts efforts by providing valuable hands on energy education for all students, K-12, ultimately creating a team of energy super stars dedicated to getting smart about energy use.

Collect data without school visits

District reps have access to all the data students collect about their building during a competition. Combined with an eGauge and our Energy Engineer, you’ll have everything you need to make cost effective decisions and updates without ever setting foot inside the classroom.

Support district conservation initiatives

As a district dedicated to efficiency, you likely already have conservation efforts in place. But with Renew Our Schools added to the mix, your students can support all your actions. Grown-ups and students work together to blow conservation goals out of the water!

Support Teachers in the classroom

Renew Our Schools meets critical teaching standards in the classroom such as math, energy, and personal development. Teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to meet their standards, why not give them something that can put some dollars back into the classroom if they win!

Position Students as Leaders

As a student led program, we’re often impressed by the number of students who take their learning from Renew Our Schools participation and lobby their school boards and state representatives for positive change. Position the students in your district to become tomorrow’s energy leaders!

District Competitions

Now Available!

Resource Central is excited to announce that we are now able to host district wide competitions. Everyone is a winner when your schools compete against each other for supreme energy savings! Contact Us to learn more!

We Work For You

Renew Our Schools often pays for itself in the form of energy savings. Over the course of 5 weeks, we encourage students to achieve 3% in energy savings, and most schools meet that goal. That doesn’t include the BIG changes students identify that can result in even more savings. It’s a win-win for everyone. What have you got to lose?

When you work with Resource Central to introduce Renew Our Schools to your district, we support you every step of the way. From eGauge installations, to teacher recruitment, to district wide competitions, we’re able to support you in achieving your goals. Take a look at some of the materials we provide to make competition easier!

Want to run a competition but aren’t sure where to start? We suggest your first step should be to reach out to us and let us know you’re interested. We can tell you which schools in your district are/have already competed, and what their results were. Then we can help you game plan next steps based on your goals.

We offer competition for all ages and levels of energy education


Designed specifically for our first time competitors or those who can’t get a real-time energy monitor. SPARK will introduce students to what energy is (or isn’t) and it’s place in their environment. The Spark competition will culminate in the development of a School Energy Policy designed by the students!


If your school has (or will have) a real-time energy monitor, then STAR is for you! Students who participate in the Star competition will be introduced to energy and will identify how they can impact energy consumption in their environment. Explore factors outside their control, and develop a plan to counterbalance for greater energy management!


Our highest level of competition, SUPER NOVA, is invite only designed for schools and students that have had success in SPARK or STAR competitions in the past. Super Nova invites students to not only identify ways to improve energy consumption in their environment, but predict future energy consumption with all things considered.

Engage on your terms

Sponsor a School

Chances are there is a school in your district already participating in Renew Our Schools. You can sponsor them to cover the cost of their participation fee, reach out to inquire!

Install an eGauge

We have schools that only compete at the SPARK level because they don’t have an eGauge in their building. You can support their energy efforts and take them to the next level by sponsoring an eGauge installation! Head over to our eGauge set-up page to start the process.

Become a district partner!

We partner with districts to hold space for their schools in any given competition during the year. Some districts commit 5 schools a semester, others 15. It’s entirely up to you and your goals. Lets connect and tell us how we can support you!

District Competitions

Want to run your own energy competition with only the schools you allow? Want to control the School Energy Actions they complete? Contact us about using the Renew Our Schools platform to host your competition!

It pays to save

Yes, it’s a cliche…but it’s true! When schools participate in Renew Our Schools, they will save energy during competition, and are more likely to maintain those savings if they compete every year. Learn more about the Renew Our Schools impact.

Have goals?

Let’s chat about how Renew Our Schools can help you achieve them. Did you know Resource Central offers water wise gardens and reuse programs? Resource Central is an award winning conservation not for profit and we want to help you achieve all your conservation and sustainability goals!

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