Weston Public Schools Energy Education Competition

Renew Our Schools is a powerful hands-on energy action program for K-12 students. Through a partnership with the Weston Education Foundation, Resource Central is pleased to offer FREE participation to all Weston Public Schools. The competition will run October 2 thru November 10, 2023. Our lesson plans are designed to meet students where they are in their energy education journey while achieving common teaching standards in a variety of categories. Enroll today to create your school and team profile!

How Does It Work

The Competition
Once enrolled, you will have access to a Teacher Guides, Lesson Plans, and other teaching materials. Your students will earn as many points as possible during the competition by completing School Energy Actions (SEAs). SEAs are designed to be adapted to any K-12 age group, regardless of your students’ level of prior energy knowledge.

The Tools
Every school receives an eGauge, a real-time energy monitor that shows your building’s electricity as it is used. Students turn the lights off and immediately see a drop in electricity usage. In addition to an eGauge, you will receive a Renew Our Schools Classroom Toolkit that students will use to assess the efficiency of their school and identify areas of improvement.

The Lessons
Preparing your school for success takes “energy,” but the effort is worth it. The team lead, whether a teacher, administrator, parent, or volunteer, will have immediate access to Teacher Guides and helpful Lesson Plans upon enrollment. Teachers designed the materials so you will focus less on how to compete and more on what you do best: TEACHING!

The Cost
The Weston Education Foundation has committed to sponsoring all schools in the Weston Public School District. It is now free for schools to participate in this district! Even better, the eGauge is yours to keep so you can continue to participate in Renew Our Schools throughout the life of the device.

The Prize
Schools are competing for a $500 prize that can go towards energy upgrades in your building! Students will identify ways to save energy in school by participating in Renew Our Schools and now you can put the prize money to use implementing the suggested changes.

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October 2nd – November 10th, 2023

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Classroom Support

Teacher Guide

Download an example STAR competition Teacher Guide

School Energy Action

Download an example School Energy Action Lesson Plan

eGauge Overview

Learn more about real time energy monitors

Competition Readiness

Community Reviews

4.7 star rating overall

“This was certainly far more stimulating for my students than I ever thought possible. Our school community was very supportive. My students’ enthusiasm was contagious and rubbed off on others.”

Lisa Konkel, Big Foot Union High School

“It’s very engaging for the kids! The incentives are phenomenal (which helps with engagement). I also like how real it is with the eGauge, etc.”

Participant Feedback, 2022

“This was our school’s second try at the competition and our experience went well! We received great support from our school community including our principal, {privacy} and our custodian. For example, during our classroom competition, our school lowered its energy by 10%! That big success could have not happened without super supportive people. Despite the challenges of being super busy with other things like: school camp and other big school events and trips, we were an enthusiastic squad that made our namesake (9 Volt Jerry) proud!”

Jeff McKean, SAGES

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the competition last?

The Renew Our Schools competition is planned to last five weeks. If your school has a holiday/break during that time, update your weekly entries when you return and pick up where you left off.

How many schools will we compete against?

You’ll be competing against the other schools in your district. Compete in future semesters against schools across the nation!

I represent a group/club. Will this work for us?

Yes! Sustainability clubs, Green Teams, and other extracurriculars make great competitors in Renew Our Schools!

Do I have to be an energy expert to lead a team?

No! Our program is designed to be student led. Our Lesson Plans and Teacher Guide will help point you in the right direction so you and your students can learn together!

What happens to the eGauge after the competition?

Once installed, your eGauge belongs to the school for the life of the device. Schools are encouraged to make Renew Our Schools an annual part of the curriculum, but regardless, schools can continue to use the eGauge to track energy and engage students.

How much time will this take to compete?

Each class is unique in how they approach Renew Our Schools. Previous winners have committed 45 minutes – 1 hour each week of the competition.

What will I pay and when?

Nothing! Thanks to a generous partnership with the Weston Education Foundation, we’re able to offer Renew Our Schools to Weston Public Schools for free!

For more information or to speak with a member of our support team, contact us using the button below.

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