Water-Wise Landscape Seminar: Building a Rain Garden: The Basics and Beyond

A rain garden is a landscaped area designed to capture rain water and reduce polluted run-off by using natural infiltration processes that protect the local ecology.  When it rains, precipitation can pick up air born emissions, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, and other pollutants, which end up harming local water bodies. Rain gardens help prevent this

Water-Wise Landscape Seminar: Improving Xeriscape: Raising the Bar for Beauty and Purpose

  We have learned a great deal about water-efficient landscaping since the invention of “Xeriscape” in the 1980’s, and Colorado landscaping expert, Kenton Seth of Paintbrush Gardens, is here to introduce a current, fresh, and in many ways revolutionary perspective of Xeriscape that will incorporate philosophies of ecology, permaculture, nativism, matrix planting, aesthetics, and rain

Water-Wise Landscape Seminar: Xeriscape 101

You don’t have to be an expert to design and plant your own Xeriscape garden! This seminar will introduce the basics of water-efficient landscaping in the Front Range, making it accessible to anyone with a little bit of space for planting. Discover the many ways that Xeriscape saves you water, time, and energy. Content will

Water-Wise Landscape Seminar: Must-Have Xeric Plants

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a Xeriscape garden is selecting the plants that will thrive in your yard and provide your landscape with color and vibrancy. This seminar will teach you about extremely durable, hardy, and climate appropriate plants that will provide lasting, and often year-round, beauty and color to your landscape

Water-Wise Landscape Seminar: Xeriscape: The Basics and Beyond

Do you want to create a beautiful landscape that not only saves you time but also water?!  Then, look no further – local landscape professional, Alison Peck, makes it easy!  This seminar will explore the 7 principles of Xeriscape and offer insider tips about plant selection and landscape design to inspire a successful low-water use