CRC 2015 All City Water Report

2014 was an exciting year for CRC’s water programs. Whereas 2013 was a year of extremes, starting with drought-like conditions and ending in a flood, 2014 was a mild season, with above average precipitation throughout the summer.

Where’s the Water Going? Factors related to outdoor water use

With over 25% of Colorado’s residential water use wasted as runoff from outdoor irrigation, CRC’s Slow the Flow Consultations are on the front line of conservation. This presentation examines the operations and impact of Slow the Flow. While Slow the Flow services make a significantly reduce water use, it turns out that consumer education is Read More

2013 ReNew Our Schools Competition with eGauges

ReNew Our Schools is CRC’s youth engagement program that uses technology to inspire energy use behavior changes in Colorado schools. This Center for ReSource Conservation white paper examines the energy and cost savings made possible through our centerpiece technology partner, eGauge. In addition to immediate energy saving benefits, the competition also showed that real-time, open-access Read More