John Franko fixing tools for our materials reuse facility

Volunteer Shoutout: Thank you, John!

We are so grateful for John’s talent, generosity, and time! John Franko has been repairing tools for our materials reuse facility. Here’s a quick feature about him.

〉How long have you known about Resource?

I moved to Lafayette Colorado in March of 2018 and heard about Resource via a neighbor about a month later. As I unpacked and discovered things I moved but didn’t need, I started making more and more trips to Resource to donate.

〉Where did you get experience in fixing tools?

My parents and grandparents lived through the Depression and I inherited the value system of “don’t toss it, fix it” and that value has stayed with me. In tool repair, I’m mostly self-taught. I took some shop classes in high school and learned about electricity and motors. I got my first job while still in high school at age 15 and started repairing tools there (for 85 cents an hour after school). Later, the US Navy sent me to electronics school and soon I was repairing communications equipment on a ship at sea. After the Navy, I designed and built test equipment at an IBM Research and Development Lab. Later it was fixing and then developing software. 

〉Is there anything that surprised you once you started to volunteer?

I was surprised by two things once I was inside Resource Central. First the incredible generosity and “Green Values” of the people who donate things to Resource. Second, the enormous volume of materials and goods that come through daily, and the speed and efficiency of the managers and staff that get it all sorted, and staged for repair, resale, reuse, or recycle.

〉What do you enjoy most about volunteering here?

Every day is different so it’s never boring. Most days I don’t know what I’ll be working on but I totally enjoy the challenge of diagnosing problems and bringing a dead tool back to life. 

〉Do you have a favorite, go-to tool?

We don’t have enough room here! All of my hobbies revolve around woodworking in some form which my grandfather started me on as a young boy. I’ve never lived in a house without a workbench and a vise. My current favorite power tool is my Milwaukee drill and impact driver.

〉Is there something you’d like newsletter readers to know about you or your experience?

I’m a 73 year young retired IT executive. I’ve been actively volunteering for about 22 years in hospitals, computer reuse, and recycling, hospice, my community, and now Resource. I think everyone has something to offer in volunteering and there are so many opportunities throughout our communities. 

John smiling with sander in the workshop


Thank you for everything, John! Our entire community benefits from your work- especially in times like these. We are lucky to have you as a part of our team!