Unearth the Turf: Outdoor Water Savings

So, you’ve decided to cut back on your indoor water use – by upgrading your toilet, swapping out showerheads, shutting off the faucets when brushing, and however else possible. That’s great, but Coloradans on average use about 50 percent of their water outdoors on a yearly basis. For perspective, visualize a long trip across the

First Frost Alert: What should I do for my plants?

“Help! I just planted my Fall garden. The first freezing temperatures are approaching! What do I do?!” Stay calm! All of your Garden In A Box plants are “hardened off”. This means they have been acclimatized to strong sunlight, wind, temperature fluctuations, and they have a thicker “skin” ready for life in the ground. In

How To Put Your Garden In A Box To Bed For Winter

Ask Miss Jean!   Jean Lovell, long-time Resource Central volunteer and former master gardener, tackles your gardening questions! Submit your question(s) for Miss Jean to: GardenInfo@ResourceCentral.org Q: How should I prepare my Garden In A Box for Winter? A: In general, putting the garden to bed involves cleaning up messes, cutting back and dividing plants, fall planting,

Tales of Turf Removal: Part 3

Beverly, a Thornton resident, decided to embark on her very first turf replacement project this year. Even though she ran into a few unforeseen challenges along the way, she is already planning to convert another section of lawn. Beverly’s enthusiasm and love for her new garden is infectious. Learn more about some of the successes and