Text: 3 Commonly Believed Colorado Lawn Myths

3 Commonly Believed Colorado Lawn Myths

There are some lawn rumors out… is what you’ve heard fact or fiction? Let’s break down these 3 lawn myths.

1. You shouldn’t water at night because mold will grow.

False! Colorado is so dry that watering at night will NOT cause any mold/mildew to grow. In fact we recommend watering at night so the sun can’t evaporate the water you are applying.

2. You should not fertilize or aerate your lawn in the middle of the summer.

False! It is never a bad time to fertilize or aerate. If you weren’t able to do it in the Spring, feel free to do both in the Summer or Fall. Hold off on doing either if your grass is dormant (brown), or if there is a drought with watering restrictions.

3. It is best to water your lawn with one cycle, for a long period of time.

False! While that may work with other soils, Colorado’s clay soil can’t absorb a lot of water at once. It is best to use the cycle-and-soak method by breaking up your one long cycle into three shorter cycles. So a 30 minute cycle would turn into three, 10 minute cycles.

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