7 Spring Upcycling Projects

The weather is getting to that comfortable temperature and it’s just about time to get your Garden In A Box in the ground. Spring is a perfect time to put some reuse on your list.

1. Bathtub Planter

A tub outside? It’s unexpected but if you think about it, isn’t a tub just like a giant flower pot? We have lots of donated bathtubs at 6400 Arapahoe Road that are ready to house your low-water plants. Source


2. Concrete Block Planters

Concrete blocks can be used for just about anything- like pallets. You can construct your own garden wall pretty easily with these guys. Add some paint for flare or don’t… live your best life. Source


3. Garden Trellis 

If you prefer climbing plants. This DIY garden trellis is a fun way to go. You can get creative with upcycled window frames too! Source


4. Decorative Window Display Board

Maybe you’re more of an indoorsy person. Bring the outside vibe in. This window frame creates a clean texture pop to your living areas. Plus if you’re feeling creative, you can make each square something unique. Source


5. Spring Vases

We all love a good pun, right? Spring vases are perfect for the season. You have to admit, they look pretty chic too. Source

6. Garden Hose Rug

If you’ve ever just looked at an old garden hose and thought- there goes potential. You are in for a treat… if you haven’t ever thought that. You’ll probably like the next ideas too. Source

7. Garden Hose Chair

Yeah, you’re seeing this right. A chair made from a garden hose. Genius!  Source








Feeling inspired but missing the supplies? Head over to Resource Central on 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, CO. We are passionate about reuse and landfill diversion. Our community members donate used building materials so that we can resell them to our community and invest in conservation programs.