Bask in the Shade to Learn How the Sun can Power Our Future

Resource Central is excited to announce the arrival of the newest shade structure at our Reuse facility – the first step of a much bigger project on the way!

The newly installed SolarZone solar charging picnic table not only provides shade and wireless phone charging, but also allows community members to connect and engage in the solar conversation. Visitors to the Reuse facility have been chatting about the solar panels shading the table, conspicuously placed between the parking lot and main entrance.

Next up, a 25kW solar system will be added this week to the large canopy over the outdoor materials yard, generating enough electricity to power the facility, saving Resource Central up to $3,800 each year.     

The solar picnic table and charging station was strategically added as a way to raise awareness of the benefits of solar power. 

Neal Lurie, President of Resource Central, is excited to be able to promote solar to community members visiting the Reuse facility. “In a sunny state like Colorado, solar not only makes sense, but it is an important part of the solution to our climate crisis.” 

A grant made possible by Boston-based All Points North Foundation provided funding for the innovative solar picnic table and for the 25kW solar system which will be added to the outdoor canopy this month. 

Locally owned Lumos Solar is behind the design of the SolarZone charging and shade table. Their products have taken solar panels into the realm of art and architectural design, winning awards for their practical uses as well as aesthetic qualities. 

Resource Central is proud to be “walking the walk” by powering our remodeled Reuse facility with the sun. Before the weather turns wicked, we invite you to come bask in the shade of Resource Central’s new solar picnic table at our Reuse facility to experience how the sun can power our future.