Clover Lawns

Clover Lawns: In Partnership with Grass

Clover LawnsDid you know that clovers weren’t always seen as an obstacle to the perfect lawn? Clover lawns were once a big hit- even considered a friend of grass for that green lawn goal. According to Lawn Starter, clover was standard in a grass seed mix just decades ago. Benefits to including this lucky sprout in your yard are its low maintenance, resilience, and pollinator power. 

Clover’s low maintenance ranges from drought-resistance to limited mowing and even to fertilizers. It tends to stay green longer than traditional grass; even pet urine has fewer effects. Did you know that clover is a legume- surprise! “Clover, like all legumes, takes nitrogen from the air and through a chemical reaction, deposits it in the ground as an absorbable fertilizer. In lawns, it provides a constant trickle of fertilizer to itself and surrounding grasses – making the whole lawn more lush, green, and healthy.”

Bee on Clover

Dutch White Clover also produces flowers making it a treat for buzzing travelers. With the importance of bees in our lives becoming more apparent, this reconciliation ecology action is an easy way to start. Check out this video from a bee farmer concerning his clover lawn.

If clovers aren’t your thing- their weed reputation can be tough to overlook, we get it, consider adding other diversity to your yard. Low-water flowers such as those found in our Garden In A Box have similar benefits to clover and a variety of colors too!

Whether you’re looking to simplify your yard work or just wanting to spice-up the view from your windows, don’t be afraid to go “vintage” with clover. Your soil will enjoy that natural fertilizer and so will the bees.


How to Establish a Clover Lawn