Resource Central’s COVID-19 Response: Putting Conservation and Safety into Action

UPDATED: APRIL. 13, 2022

Resource Central is prioritizing health and safety for staff and program participants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are closely monitoring CDC & public health department guidance and are actively incorporating their recommendations into our conservation programs and operations:

  • Water Conservation Programs: Resource Central is ramping up for a successful spring and summer of helping Colorado residents use less water on their landscapes utilizing safe, outdoor, contactless program delivery methods. Garden In A Box delivery will be at locations throughout metro Denver via our contactless, drive-through garden pickups. Slow the Flow may have restrictions on control clocks located indoors, but will update customers throughout the season. Waterwise educational classes will be delivered as online webinars.
  • Materials Reuse:
  • Renew Our Schools: Schools are starting to reopen again so it’s a good time to begin conversations about bringing Renew Our Schools to your district or building. We’re ramping up for our spring 2021 competitions and registering schools for fall 2021 and spring 2022.

Many staff members are working from home to continue to advance our mission of putting conservation into action. In today’s rapidly changing world we are closely monitoring conditions and will update plans as needed to promote health and safety.