Donate Appliances and Lighting Fixtures After Your Remodel

Can You Donate Appliances and Lighting After a Remodel? Yes! Check out These Seven Items That Are Easily Reused

Remodeling any portion of your home is always exciting and rewarding, but did you know you can also make it environmentally friendly? If you take care to salvage various materials during the demo, you can donate them to a nonprofit organization that has a materials reuse program

Donating instead of discarding will not only keep perfectly good items out of the local landfill but will also provide others in the community with affordable essentials when doing their own construction projects. (As an added advantage, donations also happen to be tax-deductible!)

If you’re planning on remodeling your home and you’re not sure which items to salvage first, it’s generally best to start with the appliances and lighting fixtures. Since these were undoubtedly installed last during the initial build, they should be removed first. 

Before you reach out to a nonprofit that will help you donate appliances and lighting fixtures, it’s wise to make a list of everything you’ll be removing from the property. Here are some of the most common items that get reused after a remodel:


1. Refrigerators

Most kitchen remodels call for a new refrigerator, which leaves the homeowner with the hassle of getting rid of the old one. Thankfully, as long as it’s working, it doesn’t have to go to waste. And if you live near an organization that will pick up your donation for free, you don’t even have to worry about transporting it!


2. Stoves

Stoves are another essential appliance that are often replaced merely because they don’t fit the new aesthetic. Consequently, lots of perfectly working ranges get disposed of every year. If you’re planning on upgrading your stove or range/oven combo during the remodel, consider donating the old one to a materials reuse program.


3. Dishwashers

Considering most homeowners want their new kitchens to be cohesive, it’s not uncommon for them to replace the dishwasher when replacing the refrigerator and stove. And as long as the old one is still working, it’s worth keeping out of the landfill. 


4. Washing Machines

Washing machines are one of the more expensive home appliances, so when they’re still in good working order, they’re worth donating. Because of their cost, they can be especially hard to replace for families on a tight budget. By donating yours, you’ll be doing your part to make life a little easier for others in your community.


5. Dryers

Much like washing machines, standalone dryers in good working order can be donated. If your washer and dryer are part of a matching set, the organization that accepts them will try to find a family in need of both to ensure maximum savings for them.


6. Ceiling Fans

Planning to remodel your living room or bedroom? If the existing ceiling fan clashes with your new aesthetic, you can donate it. Even if it seems fairly dated, many nonprofit organizations will ensure it helps someone else who’s building or remodeling on a budget.


7. Light Fixtures 

Light fixtures may go out of style, but they rarely stop working. Whether you’re replacing the chandeliers, sconces, or track lighting in your home, consider donating the old fixtures, so they can go on to illuminate someone else’s home for years to come. 


A Note on Major Appliances, or “White Goods”

The major appliances — including refrigerators, washers, and dryers — are known as “white goods” because they historically had a white enamel coating. A little over 5,000,000 tons of waste is generated in this category every year, much of which is simply due to people replacing their home appliances. 


This makes appliances that fall under this category a prime candidate for donation. Reusing these bulky items reduces waste, saves recipients on their retail cost, and can give donors a nice tax deduction, making it a triple win. 


Donate Appliances and Lighting Fixtures to Resource Central Today!

Want to donate appliances and lighting fixtures? Turn to Resource Central. We accept reclaimed appliances and materials from remodeling and renovation projects in the Boulder, CO, area. Feel free to bring your appliances to our donation shed at 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, where an attendant will assist in unloading all your goods. You can also fill out our form to request a free donation pick up if we’re in your area. Have any questions about the appliances we’ll accept? Give us a call at 303-419-5418.