Want to Donate Building Materials When Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here Are Seven Items That Can Be Reused

Wondering what to do with all the old items that will be left behind once your bathroom remodel is complete? A lot of homeowners don’t realize they can donate building materials, and as long as they’re in decent condition, this includes plumbing fixtures. 


In fact, donating bathroom features is arguably the best way to get rid of them. Not only will you give back to your community — and get a charitable contribution deduction in the process — but you’ll also keep perfectly usable items out of Colorado’s already overflowing landfills


Here are some of the most common bathroom essentials that can be donated to a nonprofit organization that accepts construction materials:


1. Bathtubs 

Even if you’ve gotten tired of it over the years, your old bathtub probably still has some life left. So when you’re ready to donate construction materials from your plumbing renovations, ensure to include the tub. If it’s still in relatively good condition, a local nonprofit should be able to find a new home for it. 


2. Toilets 

Homeowners aren’t often inclined to donate old toilets because they assume no one wants them; however, with a little TLC, recycled toilets can make a big difference. Make sure to remove yours carefully during the demolition phase so it remains intact for the next family! Also, to help conserve water, a recent Colorado law requires that any toilet resold uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less. If your toilet is older, it’s probably time to recycle your old commode. 


3. Sinks 

If you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom sink, consider donating the old one. Even if it seems outdated, there’s probably a construction project in your area that could use a decent sink, and the right nonprofit will find it.  


4. Showerheads  

Replacing the showerhead in your full bath is one of the easiest ways to create a more luxurious environment, and if you opt for a low-flow model, you can reduce your water consumption. Save that old showerhead, though, so you can include it when you’re ready to donate building supplies.   


5. Faucets  

No bathroom is complete without faucets, and even after years of use, quality ones usually have quite a bit of life left in them. When you or your contractor is dismantling the old sink and tub, remove the faucets carefully so you can donate them with the rest of the plumbing fixtures – just make sure it’s not made of lead which was banned in 1986 and can’t be resold.


6. Medicine Cabinets  

As long as they’re fully intact, medicine cabinets are a favorite among nonprofit organizations that accept old building materials. Even cabinets that look a little worse for the wear can often be restored to their former glory instead of being tossed in a landfill.


7. Light Fixtures  

No bathroom remodel is complete without new lighting. That doesn’t mean you have to dispose of the old light fixtures, though. Instead, set them aside with the rest of the materials you’ll be donating, so someone else can enjoy the illumination they provide for years to come.  


Donate Building Supplies by Scheduling a Free Pickup with Resource Central 

Once your bathroom remodel gets underway and you’re ready to donate the items mentioned above, reach out to Resource Central. We’re proud to help people across the Boulder area donate building materials. Give us a call at 303-419-5418 to see if you’re in our service area so you can schedule a free pickup!