How to Donate Lumber, Trim, and Metal

How to Donate Lumber, Trim, and Metal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Has your remodel yielded some old lumber, trim, or metal that you don’t need anymore? Instead of throwing it away, consider donating it to a nonprofit organization that can recycle or reuse it. Doing so will not only give back to the community but will also keep bulky materials out of local landfills

Wondering how to get started? Here is a step-by-step guide for those who want to donate lumber, trim, and metal:

1. Confirm the Organization’s Guidelines

Not all organizations accept used building materials. Before you proceed, check to ensure they will be able to process your donation. At Resource Central, we generally accept lumber, trim, and metal as long as it’s in decent enough shape to reuse or resell and at least five feet long. 

2. Gather and Inspect the Materials

Scrutinize the materials carefully. Set aside any damaged pieces so you can dispose of them properly. As for all the pieces that are still in good shape, categorize them by use. 

3. De-nail the Lumber 

De-nailing any wood trim will make it easier for the organization to transport and store the materials safely. It will also allow them to get the lumber back into circulation faster. 

4. Pack up the Donation 

If you’ll be transporting the materials yourself, pack them securely to prevent them from being damaged. Then, confirm the organization’s operating hours before heading over. Depending on how big the donation is, they may request that you schedule the drop-off, so they’re prepared to unload it. 

If the organization will be picking up your donation, be sure to shelter the materials from the elements so that they don’t get damaged in the meantime.

5. Save the Receipt 

As long as you donate to a reputable nonprofit organization, you should get a receipt, which you can use come tax time as a deduction. Make sure to store the receipt in a safe place or to create a digital file and keep it on a secure hard drive until you need it. 


What Will the Organization Do With the Donations? 

If you donate to Resource Central, we will use the materials to help others in need. We may sell the materials at a discounted price, give them away for free, or use them to make repairs, build homes or other projects. We are committed to reducing waste, helping others and using the donated materials in a way that benefits the community.


Donate Lumber, Trim, and Metal Today!

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