Gardening in Hot Weather

Hot weather has arrived and summer will officially be here by Saturday, June 20th. Long, sunny days will be great for your sun-loving plants, helping them to produce beautiful blooms for you and the pollinators that visit them, but some of you have been asking if these hotter temperatures should have you worried about your newly planted perennials. We have some helpful tips to ensure your new plants will thrive the summer temperatures.

Plants that have been in the ground for a few weeks are likely used to their home in your garden now making them a bit more resilient, but it’s still super important to water them properly this first year to ensure they get established properly this first year. A perennial plant becomes established during its first year by setting its roots down. Proper water during this time is what ensures the roots grow in a way that increases the plants drought tolerance and overall health. Refer to our Plant and Care Guide for more watering tips! 

If you’re planting in hotter temperatures, this article from our friends at Harlequin’s Gardens has tips on the best time to plant, and how best to water. To keep it simple, if it’s too hot for you to comfortably plant your new garden, it’s probably too hot for the plants. We encourage evening planting this time of year to allow the plants a night of reprieve before facing the heat of the day.

If you do have some garden work that you want to get done during a hot day, Farmers Almanac has helpful tips on how to stay safe while in the garden on hot days.