Miscellaneous Items to Save When Donating Building Supplies


Want to Donate Building Materials? Learn What Kinds of Miscellaneous Supplies Can Be Recycled 

Both new construction projects and remodeling jobs tend to yield lots of leftover materials. While disposing of them is common, there’s a better alternative: Donating them. 

Nonprofit organizations that make it easy to donate building materials and supplies promote sustainability by diverting them from landfills. In the process of recycling them, they also conserve natural resources.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Construction and demolition trash totaled more than 600 million pounds in 2018. Chances are a significant portion of that waste was reusable. 

If you’re planning a construction project and it’s going to leave you with surplus supplies following a new build or gently used materials following a demo, consider donating them. You would be surprised at just how easy it is to donate construction materials. Here are some of the most common miscellaneous items that can be reused or recycled instead of discarded:

1. Flooring and Moulding

Hardwood, vinyl, and tile flooring can often be reused, especially if those performing the demolition are careful. In most cases, the corresponding moldings can also be donated. Avoid disturbing asbestos tiles or adhesives, of course, and if you’re not sure, call an expert to get the materials tested. 

2. Plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Sheet materials like plywood and OSB are used for sheathing, subflooring, and other applications. Whether you have surplus sheet materials left over after a new build or gently used plywood following a renovation, donating them will minimize the need to produce even more, reducing the industry’s carbon footprint in the process. 

3. Brackets and Connectors

Brackets and connectors, such as joist hangers, angle brackets, and plate connectors, can assist in structural stability and enhance the overall integrity of the structure. As long as they’re disassembled carefully, these construction essentials can typically be reused.  

4. Hinges and Latches

Hinges, including butt hinges, pivot hinges, and concealed hinges, as well as latches and locks, can contribute to the functionality and security of constructed spaces. Since they’re often constructed of durable materials like steel or brass, they can last for generations.  

5. Concrete Blocks

When manufactured correctly, concrete blocks meet strict criteria, ensuring they can last for decades. That means if they can be preserved during the demolition process, they can go on to be reused in other building projects.  

6. Flashing and Gutters 

If they’re in decent condition, flashing, gutters, and downspouts can be reused. These roofing features play a critical role in drainage by channeling rainwater and melted snow away from the structure’s foundation. 


Donate Building Supplies to Resource Central Today!

If your construction project is yielding these and other miscellaneous materials, there’s a good chance you can donate them to Resource Central. We accept all kinds of reusable building supplies, which we use to further our mission of helping people save water, reduce waste, and conserve energy. For more than 40 years, we have been supporting local construction projects in a meaningful way. If you’re ready to donate building materials to our reuse program, schedule a pickup today!