Resource Central Announces New Program Director

The award-winning environmental nonprofit is proud to welcome its newest member to the team: Joe Pitts, an experienced leader with a passion for sustainability.

BOULDER, Colorado, July 17, 2023 – Resource Central, an innovative nonprofit that encourages people to donate building materials so they can be reused, is proud to announce it has a new Program Director. Joe Pitts joined the team in March of this year and will head up the Materials Reuse program

With a diverse background in leading teams and driving positive change, Pitts brings a wealth of experience to the table. His career trajectory spans successful tenures in the retail grocery industry and higher education. Having previously held leadership roles at Whole Foods Markets and the University of Oregon, he has always been committed to transforming industries through organic farming, sustainability practices, and conservation efforts. Pitts was drawn to Resource Central because of its unwavering dedication to conservation and its immediate impact on the community.

Reflecting on his decision to join the organization, Pitts expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Resource Central’s conservation mission resonated with me. I am inspired by the work we do every day, which not only diverts tons of waste from landfills but also makes valuable materials accessible to the community. We are truly making conservation effortless for our community through hands-on efforts.”

As the newly appointed Program Director of the Materials Reuse program, Pitts envisions doubling the nonprofit’s impact on waste diversion. Leveraging his extensive leadership experience, he plans to scale the operations of the current program, ensuring its effectiveness and expanding its reach.

Pitts also expressed his desire to foster strategic partnerships and engage with the local community to strengthen Resource Central’s mission. He’s looking to create a welcoming and inviting donation and shopping experience, making conservation easily accessible and encouraging active participation from all stakeholders.

In outlining his goals for the organization, Pitts set ambitious short- and long-term targets. In the near term, he wants to double the impact of Resource Central’s programs, diverting over 8 million pounds of building materials from landfills. Looking further ahead, Pitts plans to establish a national model for building materials reuse, serving as a blueprint for conservation efforts nationwide.


About Resource Central 

Resource Central, established in 1976, has been instrumental in helping over 700,000 individuals reduce waste, conserve energy, and save water. With Pitts at the helm as the new Program Director, the organization is poised to achieve even greater success in its mission to promote sustainability and create thriving, environmentally aware communities. To learn more about Resource Central’s initiatives and to support their efforts through building material donations, please visit their website.