Welcome to ReNew Our Schools, Resource Central’s youth engagement program.  We hope you find the program a rewarding and enriching experience. We have 2 competitions scheduled:

Adams 12 Five Star Schools from 12:01 am January 22nd through 11:59 pm February 23rd,  2018.

Douglas County School District from 12:01 am February 12 through 11:59 pm March 16, 2018

If you are competing in these competitions, your school will be able to earn points in three different areas. Points earned in School Measured Savings, Home Energy Actions, and School Energy Actions will be combined to determine the total cumulative score for your school. The schools with the highest cumulative scores in each group will win the prizes!

School Measured Savings
Learn how your school works!

Reduce your school electricity use compared to its baseline (percentage).

School Energy Actions
Get everyone in your school involved!
School Energy Actions are ways that you can get everyone in your school involved in the competition and earn points toward a win!

Home Energy Actions
Get families involved!

Families in the school community can earn points for their school by completing a Home Energy Action Checklist. Each home that submits a Checklist earns a point for the school of their choice.

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