Tool Library lends a hand (saw)

BOULDER, CO – Local residents thinking about their next home improvement project have two new, eco-friendly options for saving money thanks to a nonprofit conservation program.

The public is invited to a community Tool Sale this Saturday, March 24 where hundreds of donated power tools, saws, drills, shovels, weed whackers, lawnmowers, and more will be available at low, below-market prices. Resource Central, a Boulder-based nonprofit, is hosting the event at 6400 Arapahoe in east Boulder starting at 9am. Last year the Tool Sale diverted nearly 70,000 pounds of materials from landfills.

For those who prefer to borrow, the nonprofit’s popular Tool Library is now online to make it easier for people to find and reserve the unique tools they need. Often known as “one of the best kept secrets in Boulder” the Tool Library has hundreds of tools available, from wet tile saws and mixers to air compressors and nailers, for as little as a few dollars per day. Proceeds support local conservation programs.

“Does it make sense to buy an expensive tool if you only need it once?” asked Neal Lurie, president of Resource Central. “The Tool Library makes it easy to complete home improvement projects without your tools collecting dust when you’re done. Sometimes you need a new tool. But when you don’t, reuse is light on your wallet and good for the environment.”

Last year nearly 4 million pounds of tools, cabinets, doors, windows, appliances, lumber, and other materials were reused by local residents and businesses through Resource Central. Donations of tools and other building materials are tax deductible.

Many of the items available at the Tool Sale and the Tool Library were donated by local community members and collected by McGuckin Hardware, thanks to a special partnership with Resource Central to help reduce waste.

“We’re proud to support local community efforts like this,” said Louise Garrels, marketing manager at McGuckin Hardware. “Our customers care about the environment and so do we.


About Resource Central:
Founded in 1976, Resource Central is an innovative nonprofit dedicated to putting conservation into action. Its programs have helped nearly 500,000 families save water, reduce waste, and conserve energy. Learn more at


About McGuckin Hardware

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