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Colorado Water

If you’re unfamiliar with Colorado and water demands, we’ve got a quick summary:

Colorado is a semi-arid climate which means it’s not ideal for plants and landscapes that prefer moisture. Most of the residential grass on the market thrives in the North East where humidity is plentiful. Due to the increasing population across the west, water demands continue to climb. Our water conservation programs focus on empowering residents to take control of their water needs. Every drop counts. 

Colorado Yard Transformations

During these hot summer and spring seasons, our Lawn Removal team has already removed over 50,000 sq.ft. of turf! Our team physically removes and composts 200+ square feet of maintained lawn for just $2 per square foot. Because we partner with water providers across the front range, some utilities will even cover up to $500 of the project cost. Needless to say, this program is causing a ripple effect across local communities. 

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50,000 sq. ft. of Turf Looks Like:

Next Steps

Join your neighbors in switching to sustainable landscape! We can take care of the heavy lifting with lawn removal AND provide you with low-water landscaping options for your Colorado yard.

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