Types of Sprinkler Heads


Spray it don’t say it. 

If you’re in the market for sprinklers, check out this quick review. You have three main types of sprinkler heads to choose from: spray, rotor, and high-efficiency nozzles.

Spray sprinkler heads work great for shorter distances, under 15”. They also use the most amount of water in the group. They are fixed, meaning they don’t move as they go. Spray sprinkler heads are ideal for smaller areas. 


Rotor sprinkler heads spray the longest distance. They rotate with one, single-stream, and can move from side to side. Rotor sprinkler heads are best for larger areas- likely better for your yard size than spray heads.


High-efficiency nozzles put out the least amount of water at one time but the water droplets themselves are larger. The higher volume per droplet better waters grass and reduces evaporation. High-efficiency nozzles move similarly to an oscillating fan but with a fixed point. They spray the same pattern over and over again. High-efficiency nozzles are best for medium-sized areas (not really small, but also not really large).


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