Donate Cabinets and Shelving

Planning a Kitchen Remodel? Five Reasons to Donate Building Materials Like Old Cabinets and Shelving After the Demolition Is Done

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting process that can transform the very heart of your home. Before that can happen, however, it generates a lot of waste. The old cabinets and shelving are especially bulky and can pose a challenge when it comes time to dispose of them. Did you know you can donate building materials, though? With help from a local organization, it may be possible to revive your old cabinetry, so they can breathe new life in someone else’s kitchen. 



Why You Should Donate Your Old Cabinets and Shelving 

1. Save on Disposal Costs

 Replacing cabinetry yields so much waste that homeowners often need to rent a dumpster to get rid of it all. This increases the total cost of an already expensive remodeling project. Thankfully, many organizations that work with homeowners who donate building supplies offer free pickup services. That means you may not have to spend a single dollar to dispose of the old cabinetry.  



2. Help Those in Need 

 Many materials reuse organizations help fund affordable housing projects, home repairs, and community development initiatives. If you donate building materials to them, you’re supporting their efforts. They might install your old cabinets in a new home, for example, or resell them for a fraction of their original price to a family on a tight budget that might not otherwise be able to afford such essentials in their home.   



3. Keep Reusable Materials out of the Landfill

Over the last few decades, the number of active landfills in this country has declined steadily. Moreover, those that are still accepting waste are not being expanded. By donating reusable construction materials, you can do your part to keep excessive debris out of landfills, thereby reducing your overall carbon footprint.  



4. Supply Local Contractors with Low-Cost Materials 

 Nonprofit organizations that accept building materials often resell them to local contractors, who pass the savings on to their clients. In addition to supporting local industry, you’ll reduce the environmental impact of new builds since the materials won’t have to be manufactured and hauled out from thousands of miles away. 



5. Get a Tax Deduction 

 Donating your old cabinets and shelving can help reduce your federal tax obligations. If you donate the materials to a legitimate nonprofit agency, you should be able to request a receipt, which you can use to claim a charitable contribution deduction come tax time. This, in turn, can help offset the cost of the remodel, so you get an even larger return on your investment in the long run.   



Donate Building Supplies with Resource Central’s Help

Planning a kitchen remodel on a property in the Boulder area? If you want to donate construction materials like cabinets and shelving, turn to Resource Central. An award-winning nonprofit, we’re determined to make conservation so simple that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. To schedule a free pickup, reach out on our website or call 303-419-5418.