Why You Should Donate Doors, Windows, and Hardware

Six Reasons to Donate Doors, Windows, and Hardware After Remodeling Your Home

Most people who remodel their homes end up renting a dumpster because the demo results in so much debris. Before you toss those doors, windows, or hardware, consider their condition. If they’re in decent shape, they may be reusable, thereby saving you quite a bit of space in that dumpster. What’s more, when you donate doors, windows, and hardware to a reputable nonprofit that has a materials reuse program, it doesn’t take any extra effort. Most even offer free donation pickups!

Once your remodel is underway, here are some of the biggest reasons to donate the old doors and windows that you replace:

1. Reduce the Amount of Waste Going into Our Landfills

Construction and demolition materials, which include doors and windows, generate 600,000,000 tons of waste per year. By reusing as many elements as possible, only 145,000,000 tons of that waste actually make it to a landfill. While that number is still fairly high, it highlights a quantifiable benefit of donating these materials.

2. Decrease the Need for New Materials 

Deforestation and pollution are two of the biggest challenges facing the modern age, and every single non-donated door and window contributes to these issues. Reusing these materials, on the other hand, is fairly carbon-neutral. If enough people donate their reusable construction materials, we can create a nearly closed-loop economy, so very little ever goes to waste. 

3. Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives for Homeowners on a Tight Budget

Donating your old doors and windows can provide a way to fix up your home without breaking the bank. Not everyone can afford to purchase new materials, so donations can provide an avenue for people hoping for a cheaper option. It can also provide families who are facing environmental damage an easy way to get their house back into shape, especially if the insurance company is dragging their heels.

4. Get a Charitable Tax Deduction 

When you donate doors, windows, and hardware to a reputable nonprofit organization, you may be able to deduct their value on your tax return, with some exceptions. This is a great way to lower the overall cost of your remodel by reducing your tax burden at the end of the year.

5. Support Local Nonprofits by Furthering Their Mission

By donating your gently used construction materials during the remodeling process, you can ensure the nonprofit you work with will be here for years to come. Supporting their mission means helping all of Colorado reuse and recycle, thereby fostering more sustainability for future generations.

6. Get the Simple Satisfaction of Helping Your Community 

At the end of the day, it feels good to know your old doors and windows aren’t going to be decomposing in some landfill. Instead, you can simply enjoy the fact that you’ll be reaping all the benefits mentioned above.


Donate Doors, Windows, and Hardware to Resource Central

When you’re ready to donate the old doors and windows that result from your remodel, turn to Resource Central. If you’re in our service area with good, reusable materials, we’ll happily schedule a free donation pick up. Otherwise, you can drop off the materials at 6400 Arapahoe Rd in Boulder, CO. We accept donations Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. You can also call 303-419-5418 if you have any questions about the kinds of materials we accept!