Types of Sprinkler Heads

  Spray it don’t say it.  If you’re in the market for sprinklers, check out this quick review. You have three main types of sprinkler heads to choose from: spray, rotor, and high-efficiency nozzles. Spray sprinkler heads work great for shorter distances, under 15”. They also use the most amount of water in the group.

Soil Amendement Basics

Q:  Amending my soil feels daunting. What should I consider when thinking about it? A: A soil amendment is any material added to the soil (as opposed to mulch, which is applied on top of the soil) to improve its composition and fertility. The soil in much of the Colorado Front Range is clay and

Splendid Seasons garden image

Waterwise Garden Goes Big

        In partnership with Denver Botanic Gardens and Northern Water, Resource Central, a local conservation-focused nonprofit, is excited to announce the newest Garden In A Box offering, Splendid Seasons. This new waterwise garden covers 200 square feet, making it the largest ever offered in the Garden In A Box program’s 19 year

Resource Central provides free tool rentals, building materials to help families impacted by Marshall Fire

BOULDER – Resource Central, a conservation-focused nonprofit, is providing free tool rentals and $100 worth of building materials for free to neighbors whose homes were damaged by the Marshall Fire. People with extra building materials collecting dust in their garages are asked to donate them to help families impacted by the fire. Resource Central is

Go Xeric: 7 Ways to Create a Stunning Colorado Yard

  Tired of sinking tons of water into a boring lawn? Dreading your summer water bill? There is a better way– create a stunning Colorado yard this summer! Take a leaf from your neighbors and upgrade your thirsty lawn into a thriving low-water xeriscape. Xeriscapes are low-water yards that are more fit for the arid

Do I need to water during the winter?

  Q: Do I really need to water during the winter?   A: Easy answer – definitely! High winds, dry air, low humidity, wide temperature changes, low precipitation, and fluctuating temperatures are normal in our climate; and they can wreak havoc on plants. Long, dry periods lead to injury and death to their roots. This is