Breakdown of 2023 Garden In A Box Offerings


Q: “The 2023 spring Garden In A Box collection has been released, but where do I start!? How do I select the gardens that will best fit my needs?”


A: With so many unique garden options, choosing the best option for your yard can be tough. We broke down a few highlights for each garden below to help make that choice a little easier ahead of the spring sale.

In order to view which plants are rabbit/deer resistant, native, plus other features, visit the individual page of any garden, scroll down a bit to view the Detailed Plant List. For a larger or downloadable view of the list, click “Download Detailed Plant List” found just under the list.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of plants in each garden that are deer/rabbit resistant, native, and other highlights:

Alpine Glow
72 sq. ft. | Full sun

19/23 resistant to deer
13/23 resistant to rabbits
All Colorado natives!
Great for high altitude gardeners!

Butterfly Bounty
100 sq. ft. | Full sun

resistant to deer
20/27 resistant to rabbits
18/27 Colorado native

Colorado Oasis
60 sq. ft. | Adaptable

8/15 resistant to deer
6/15 resistant to rabbits
All Colorado natives!
Adaptable sun exposure – great for areas not truly full sun or part shade

Curbside Charm
100 sq. ft. | Full sun

resistant to deer
16/28 resistant to rabbits
16/28 Colorado native
Ideal for planting in a sidewalk strip!

Morning Dew
60 sq. ft. | Part shade

 resistant to deer
10/15 resistant to rabbits
7/15 Colorado native

Summer Shadows
100 sq. ft. | Part shade

 resistant to deer
14/26 resistant to rabbits
10/26 Colorado native

Splendid Seasons
200 sq. ft. | Full sun

resistant to deer
23/51 resistant to rabbits
35/51 Colorado native
Covers 200 sq. ft. – our largest garden!

It’s important to note that planting deer or rabbit resistant plants is a good first step to making sure your plants don’t get nibbled on by these neighborhood critters, but to ensure success we recommend taking other precautions. Hungry bunnies and deer will eat anything if they’re hungry enough! This article from CSU Extension goes into detail on methods for deterring deer, many of which can also be effective at ensuring rabbits to ravage your plants as well.

Still unsure how to plan for a new Garden In A Box? Visit to browse completed water-saving projects and stories uploaded by neighbors across the Front Range so see how others incorporated these gardens into their own landscapes.