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Transforming Thirsty Lawns: Record Number of Coloradans Embracing Waterwise Yards

BOULDER, COLO. – In a state where water conservation is crucial, Coloradans are leading the charge in transforming traditional, water-thirsty lawns into vibrant, low-water oases. Spearheading the waterwise landscaping movement is Resource Central, an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to conservation and sustainability. Its innovative Lawn Replacement program has seen a doubling in participation from statewide water providers and utility companies since 2022, indicating that residents are ready to make waterwise yards the new norm.

As summer temperatures continue to rise, now is the perfect time to consider eco-friendly landscaping by replacing traditional grass lawns. Maintaining grass is costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. On average, cool season turf grass yards consume 37% more gallons of water per square foot, compared to waterwise yards.¹ Additionally, grass requires regular mowing, often using gas-powered equipment contributing to ozone pollution. It also depends on fertilizers and chemicals that can harm pollinators and animals. Converting to a water-efficient yard conserves water, reduces water bills, lowers maintenance costs, and helps create a healthier ecosystem by providing a vital habitat for pollinators.

In a growing trend towards prioritizing water conservation, Resource Central has doubled its partnerships with water conservation partners since 2022, with 32 participants. Statewide water conservation is being encouraged through agreements with larger entities such as Denver Water and the City of Westminster, as well as smaller communities like Berthoud and Windsor. Furthermore, additional support is available through the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Turf Replacement Program (funded by House Bill 1151) and Water Plan Grant.

Since its inception in 2016, Resource Central’s Lawn Replacement Program has empowered over 1,300 Colorado homeowners to make the switch, removing approximately 738,000 sq. ft of lawn and saving an estimated 8.6 million gallons of water. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing momentum toward water conservation and sustainable living practices in the state.

The lawn removal process is straightforward: homeowners can easily sign up for the program on Resource Central’s website, where they’ll find detailed information about the program and potential savings through their water or utility provider and then register. Participants gain access to discounted services, plants, materials, and expert guidance, ensuring a seamless transition to a waterwise landscape that thrives in Colorado’s climate.

Resource Central Lawn Replacement team members removing turf grass.

Feedback from previous participants underscores the program’s effectiveness and value. One homeowner expressed enthusiasm for the cost savings on water bills and praised the knowledge and support from Resource Central staff throughout the project.

Resource Central President & CEO Neal Lurie emphasizes the significance of this initiative, stating, “With more Coloradans ready to ditch their thirsty turf, we’re excited to kick off this summer with our largest lawn replacement team to date. Our friendly crew is ready to help transform your landscape and make vibrant waterwise yards the norm in Colorado.”

As Coloradans embrace waterwise living, Resource Central continues to champion initiatives that benefit individual homeowners and contribute to the collective effort to conserve water and foster a greener, more sustainable future. To join this movement and learn more about the Lawn Replacement Program, visit and take the first step toward transforming your yard into a waterwise oasis. Applications and discounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Ready to make water conservation changes at home but still deciding whether to remove your grass? Start with small changes that can have a significant impact! Begin by planting a Garden In A Box kit, which includes pollinator-friendly starter plants, a care guide, and a plant-by-number map for vibrant, low-water landscaping. For inspiration, check out to see how Coloradans create lush landscapes with low-water plants and minimal grass. Sign up for a free sprinkler evaluation through Resource Central’s Slow the Flow program to receive a custom watering schedule and efficiency recommendations.

For additional water conservation resources free webinars, and to sign up for these programs, visit Resource Central’s website: Resource Founded in 1976, Resource Central is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to putting conservation into action. Its programs have helped more than 900,000 people save water, reduce waste, and conserve energy.

Media Contact: Rachel Staats, Marketing Director, Resource Central, 303-999-3820 Ext. 108

¹On average, cool season turf grass consumes 19 gallons per square foot, compared to waterwise yards, which use 12 gallons per sq. ft. 2024 Resource Central Impact Analysis Report.