Sustainable Services for Our Community

ReSource is the home of Resource Central’s reclaimed materials programs. ReSource facilitates the reuse of architectural and other building materials through their donation and resale. ReSource also supports a sharing economy through our Tool Lending Library. With many partners in the building community, ReSource plays an integral role in the support of green building practices through our Deconstruction Services. Co-located with Eco-Cycle’s CHARM program, a mission-aligned partner who is one of the largest nonprofit recyclers in the U.S., ReSource provides a full complement of sustainable services for the building trades, homeowners, makers, and DIYers of all types.

ReSource has been a significant presence in the sustainability community since 1996 and is our longest-running program. By creating a second useful life for architectural materials, the ReSource facility in Boulder diverted three million pounds of waste from landfills in 2014.