Go Xeric: 7 Ways to Create a Stunning Colorado Yard

  Tired of sinking tons of water into a boring lawn? Dreading your summer water bill? There is a better way– create a stunning Colorado yard this summer! Take a leaf from your neighbors and upgrade your thirsty lawn into a thriving low-water xeriscape. Xeriscapes are low-water yards that are more fit for the arid

Do I need to water during the winter?

  Q: Do I really need to water during the winter?   A: Easy answer – definitely! High winds, dry air, low humidity, wide temperature changes, low precipitation, and fluctuating temperatures are normal in our climate; and they can wreak havoc on plants. Long, dry periods lead to injury and death to their roots. This is

First Frost Yard and Garden Tips

  Happy fall, everyone! The forecast for the week of October 11th shows freezing temps at night for multiple nights for much of the Front Range. Take a look at the forecast for your area to see exactly when that first freezing night will arrive. Also important to note is the last day you planted

A Few Fall Gardening Tips

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Make Way for Sustainable Landscaping

Colorado Water If you’re unfamiliar with Colorado and water demands, we’ve got a quick summary: Colorado is a semi-arid climate which means it’s not ideal for plants and landscapes that prefer moisture. Most of the residential grass on the market thrives in the North East where humidity is plentiful. Due to the increasing population across

Your Sprinklers’ Biggest Water Wasters!

Sprinkler systems can be complicated. Small problems can be big lawn care water wasters. Review these 4 common irrigation system issues that could be costing you. We offer more Colorado yard care help with Slow the Flow. Slow the Flow Slow the Flow offers water-saving in-ground sprinkler consultations for your residential property. Through our partnership

Mowing Tips

Is your yard looking like it needs a haircut? Before you take out the mower, we have some tips!   1. We recommend 2.5″ – 3″ for leaf length. That extra shade from the leaves assist in keeping their roots cool. You don’t want to cut more than 1/3 of the grass length at once. This