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Versatile Ideas: 7 Ways to Reuse Tile

One of our donation sections that is frequently full of surprises is our tile section. From miscellaneous tiles to full boxes of brand new porcelain products, there are gems to be found. To get your creative juices flowering, here are some ways you can use those seemingly random pieces.

7 Ways to Reuse Tile:

  1. Use them as fun coasters. (Place cork or felt on the bottom to protect your furniture from being scratched.)
  2. Protect your flooring and place your plants- especially carpet!
  3. Spice up your backsplash with some accent designs.
  4. Use them as a canvas and paint them yourself. Handpainted tiles are beautiful and sometimes it can be tough to find the one you’re looking for. Why not paint your own? Check out this website for instructions on how to paint porcelain tiles. >>doityourself.com/stry/how-to-paint-porcelain-tile
  5. Make your own tray or tile an existing one. This will make for easy cleanup! 
  6. Mosaic– from adding designs to your walls to plant pots
  7. Create wall art! You can frame special tiles and hang them on a wall. Especially those hand-painted ones that you created yourself.


Have any more tile ideas? Let us know in the comments.


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