What to Know Before You Donate Tools and Hardware

Want to Donate the Tools and Hardware Left Over After a Construction Project? Here’s What You Should Know! 

Whether completing a new build or major remodeling project, you’re likely going to end up with lots of tools that you don’t need. Before you dispose of them, consider their condition. If they’re in decent shape, you can donate the tools and hardware to Resource Central.

Wondering where to start or what donating even entails? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject. 

What Kinds of Tools Can You Donate After Completing a Project?

Power Tools: Power tools are a critical component of any construction or renovation project. These tools are designed to make cutting, drilling, sanding, and shaping more efficient and precise. They come in a variety of types and sizes, from handheld tools such as drills, saws, and sanders, to larger tools such as table saws and miter saws.

Electrical Tools: Electrical tools are essential for any construction or renovation project that involves wiring. Examples include wire cutters, wire strippers, voltage testers, and electrical pliers. By donating electrical tools, you can help those who may not have otherwise had access to them perform electrical work safely and efficiently.

Plumbing Tools: Plumbing is another essential component of any building or renovation project, and it requires various specialized tools to complete each job successfully. Some of the most commonly used plumbing tools include pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, pliers, basin wrenches, and drain snakes.

Hand Tools: Hand tools help workers with tasks such as cutting, shaping, fastening, and finishing building materials. Common examples include hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, chisels, and clamps. Since they can take up a lot of space once construction is completed, donating them is a great option. 

Are There Restrictions on the Kinds of Tools You Can Donate?

Some nonprofit organizations may have restrictions on the types of tools they accept, but in general, any type of unmodified tool in good working order can be donated.  Assuming your tools are in decent condition, we should be able to accept them for our reuse program.

Are There Tax Benefits When You Donate Tools and Hardware?

Yes! Your donation to a 501c3 nonprofit like Resource Central is tax-deductible! Everyone who donates will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Please note it is the responsibility of the donor to assess the value of the donation and maintain this record. 

How Do I Donate Tools and Hardware?

First, make sure all the tools are working and the hardware is in good condition (i.e., it doesn’t have any rust). Then, clean everything thoroughly and inspect each item once more for any damage. When you’re ready to pack the materials, divide them up by category, and secure them so they don’t get damaged in transit. This will make it easier for the organization to process your donation, so you can get your tax receipt and be on your way sooner. 


Donate Tools and Hardware to Resource Central Today!

Join Resource Central in our mission to promote sustainability and conservation efforts in our communities. Donating ensures your items are put to good use and helps protect the environment. Join us in our efforts to make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place by scheduling a free pickup.