Future Renovations at Resource Central

We are excited to announce that the future renovations at Resource Central, 6400 Arapahoe Road, are around the corner! For now, we want to loop you all in on what’s to come. Believe it or not, this all began in 2017. The community voted for us to receive infrastructure improvements such as a roof cover to our yard and warehouse upgrades. These upgrades will greatly increase the number of materials we can divert just from the weather protection alone. With your help & support, we already divert around 4 million pounds of materials from the landfill each year. We are pumped to see that number grow!

All of this means that our future operations will face some temporary changes. The number of certain donations we take will be limited due to the decreased space and certain spots will be closed off for shopping. Our warehouse will be the first section receiving a facelift. We appreciate your understanding of the upcoming changes. Updates will be posted on our website, ResourceCentral.org. For now, keep doing as you do. Thank you for your support! (Plenty of signage onsite to come as well!)

  • Utility work is set to begin the week of February 1st!