Comparison of 2024 Garden In A Box Offerings


Q: “The 2024 Garden In A Box collection has been released, but where do I start!? How do I select the gardens that best fit my needs?”

A: With so many unique gardens, choosing the best option for your yard can be tough. We broke down a few popular highlights for each garden below to help make that choice a little easier.

To view the individual plants in each garden, their mature size, bloom time, or hardiness to which altitude, visit the product page of any garden on our store.  Scroll down to view the Detailed Plant List section. For a larger or downloadable view of the list, click “Download Plant List” beneath the plant list.

Click the table below for a larger view:

For more information about sun exposure designations and what they mean refer to this blog post.

For more information on what the ‘native’ designation above means – and what it doesn’t – take a look at our latest blog post!

It’s important to note that planting deer or rabbit resistant plants is a good first step to making sure your plants don’t get nibbled on by these neighborhood critters, but to ensure success we recommend taking other precautions. Hungry bunnies and deer will eat anything if they’re hungry enough! This article from CSU Extension goes into detail on methods for deterring deer, many of which can also be effective at ensuring rabbits don’t ravage your plants either.

Still unsure how to plan for a new Garden In A Box? Visit to browse completed water-saving projects and stories uploaded by neighbors across the Front Range to see how others incorporated these gardens into their landscapes.