Cheap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

5 Cheap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen renovations are the worst… and sometimes the best. They can be more expensive than anticipated and can take loads more time. While we can’t help with the renovation time, we can assist with the cost. A 2018 study done by Houz, revealed that many homeowners want to renovate in order to declutter and better use space. The average amount spent for larger kitchens, over 200 sqft, is about $42k. That’s a decent chunk of change! Here are some ways you can cut those costs down.

1. First and foremost, look for alternatives to a big renovation. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint on the walls or cabinets makes a world of difference. Check out this link on how to paint cabinets. Did you know that in Boulder County you can get paint for FREE at the Hazardous Waste Center? Find their website here.

painted cabinets

2. If the walls and paint aren’t doing it for you, add a backsplash or decorations to your wall. Tiles add a nice clean touch. Here at our materials reuse facility, prices are roughly 75% less than retail and tiles are a common donation. If tiles are a bit overwhelming to you- funky wallpaper is a great option! Check out these fun examples. Free-floating shelves are also becoming more popular. You can display your colorful dishes or place your fresh herbs there.

kitchen reclaimed lumber shelves

3. Upgrade some hardware. Is it the twinkle that’s missing? If your hardware doesn’t look the way you’d like it to after a nice scrubbing, maybe it’s time to update. A great place to look is at places like our Materials Reuse facility. Often times, people donate groupings of hardware, making an update cheap and eco-friendly. If it already exists and looks the way you’d like- why not? Stop by your local reuse facility before buying new to ensure your best deal.

kitchen renovation handles


4. Could you countertops need a facelift? If you’re willing to put in the time and a little TLC, you could try covering them with concrete…or even chalkboard paint. They can go through a beating so a countertop upgrade could get you all the change you need.

Concrete countertop


5. This final step requires a bit more of a time and strategy investment but if you do it right, it can save you lots and lots of cash. Purchase your cabinets and countertops at reclaimed stores. You can purchase that hardware in step 3 or even cabinets are countertops. At our Reuse Facility on Arapahoe Road, you can find entire sets, sometimes with matching countertops, sinks, lighting- just about everything for 75% less than retail. Again, while we can’t help you with your timeline, we can certainly help with the pocketbook. Go forth and update!


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