Income-qualified Pilot Program for Garden In A Box

Resource Central piloted a new program in partnership with the City of Longmont this year to help expand the reach of Garden In A Box to under-served community members. The goal was to offer qualifying residents an easy and affordable way to learn about and install low-water and drought-resistant plants to save both water and money while adding some pollinator-loving blooms! Longmont offered an 80% discount, instead of the standard $25 discount, on single Garden In A Box kits to qualifying residents. So a 100 square foot garden regularly retailing at $161.00 was offered at a reduced rate of $32.20. The 80% discount equated to a $128.80 discount! 

 To qualify for this pilot, residents had to participate in Longmont CAReS (Longmont City Assistance and Rebate System). We marketed this discount by emailing and sending postcards to participants in the Longmont CAReS system telling them a bit about Garden In A Box and including a coupon code. More than 40 residents participated, with 55 coupons being claimed. One participant remarked, “I had to cut way back on watering my full sun backyard grass last summer due to cost. This will be perfect.” For those already hit with some financial obstacles to maintaining their water-thirsty landscapes, xeriscapes are part of the solution, especially for Colorado gardening. Resource Central is in the process of surveying the pilot program participants to determine interest, impact, and what program modifications would be of assistance to reach more community members in Longmont. 

 We continue to seek ways to better meet the needs of your communities. Let’s work together to put conservation into action!