Mowing Tips

Is your yard looking like it needs a haircut? Before you take out the mower, we have some tips!


1. We recommend 2.5″ – 3″ for leaf length. That extra shade from the leaves assist in keeping their roots cool. You don’t want to cut more than 1/3 of the grass length at once. This can pull and damage the grass leaves.


2. Avoid mowing a stressed lawn. If your grass is dry and could use some hydration, water it first and let the grass be for at least one day. Mowing wet grass can also damage the leaves— watch out for fungal disease. Wet grass clumps too when cut so not great for your mower.


3. We suggest using a mulching mower. Mulching mowers are great because they return the cut leaves to the lawn. This keeps the leaves healthy and prevents thatch. Thatch is that thick layer of organic matter that can cause a barrier to the roots.

Now you’re in the know and good to go… to mow.


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