Spring Cleanup Tips

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This the past week of warm weather had us dreaming of being outside in our landscape this spring and summer. With spring around the corner, we wanted to share our top 5 spring cleanup tips for a successful start to the growing season!

1. Take a look at your Plant Care Guide to see which plants could use some attention in spring. In general, it’s good practice to leave your plants standing for the winter, and then cut them back to their new growth come spring. If you want to divide your plants to contain spreading, or to propagate, spring is also a great time to do so. Look at out past blog written by Miss Jean on division and propagation for more info here! If you lost your Plant Care Guide from a previous year, don’t hesitate to reach out for an emailed copy!

2. Lightly rake beds around perennials to move around and dry out wet leaves and other dense materials that can smother plants.

3. Be sure to continue watering until it’s warm enough to turn your sprinklers on. March is likely still too early to turn your sprinkler system on for the season as Colorado will still have below freezing nights through April, so it’s important to make sure your plants are receiving enough water right now. Water your plants when the temps outside is above 40 degrees, we’ve had a few dry days in a row, and there isn’t any snow covering your beds.

4. If you didn’t do so in the fall, make sure your tools (garden shears, shovels etc.) are clean and ready to be used. For more tips on how to clean and properly care for your tools visit this article written by CSU Master Gardeners.

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