Your Sprinklers’ Biggest Water Wasters!

Sprinkler systems can be complicated. Small problems can be big lawn care water wasters. Review these 4 common irrigation system issues that could be costing you. We offer more Colorado yard care help with Slow the Flow.

Slow the Flow

Slow the Flow offers water-saving in-ground sprinkler consultations for your residential property. Through our partnership with over 30 water providers across Colorado’s Front Range, Slow the Flow Sprinkler Consultations are available for free to qualifying residents.

Broken Heads

A single leak or broken head can waste between 9 to 16 gallons of water per minute. Continuing to run a typical watering program with one broken head can waste up to 11,520 gallons of water per month!



Each zone with overspray can waste 1.6 to 8 gallons of water per minute. That’s up to 5,760 gallons of water wasted per month per zone with a typical watering schedule!


Low Heads

Low heads get obstructed by grass and the water is unable to reach its intended area. This often causes uneven distribution of water leading to brown, dry spots of grass and misting.


Tilted Heads

Tilted heads prevent water from being properly distributed, causing some areas to be overwatered and some underwatered. This can create runoff, brow spots, and overspray.

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