July Smart Irrigation Month Tips & Resources

July is Smart Irrigation Month. (Yep, there’s a while month dedicated to that. Which we love!)

We want to ensure you can celebrate this month with us by offering a few easy water conserving tricks and resources. Before jumping into irrigation tips, we wanted to talk a little about lawns. One of the 7 principles of xeriscaping (low-water landscaping) is the maintenance and creation of practical turf areas. We advocate for removing portions of your lawn that are impractical to maintain or are unused as lawn, but this doesn’t mean removing all of your lawn. Grass for pups to run around on, and kids (and adults) to play on is necessary! Which is where we come in with these tips to water the lawn you do have efficiently.

For the lawn that you do want to keep, there are plenty of simple ways you can make your system more efficient saving you wanter and money throughout the month. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado provide 4 simple steps you can take to reduce your outdoor water usage:

  • Conduct an irrigation audit to determine if all equipment is working properly and to check the water pressure. Resource Central offers FREE Slow the Flow irrigation audits to residents of participating cities. Learn more and see if you qualify here.
  • Upgrade nozzles in older sprinkler heads with the new models that reduce evaporation. Nozzles are small and inexpensive components that play a big role in saving water. Learn more about common sprinkler problems that could be wasting water on your lawn.
  • Replace spray heads with drip irrigation for non-turf areas (think Garden In A Box). Drip reduces evaporation and puts more water directly at the roots where it is needed most.
  • Replace your old controller with a weather-based smart controller and install rain/moisture sensors.

There are also ways to change your mowing habits in order to conserve water in your landscape. Read our waterwise tips on mowing here!