Overheard In Our Inbox: Resisting Rabbits and Deer with Garden In A Box


Overheard in our InboxQ: “There are a lot of rabbits where I live. Is there any Garden In A Box that would survive hungry bunnies, and what deterrent methods do you recommend?”

A: Protecting your new Garden In A Box from foraging rabbits and deer can be tough, but we’re here to help! Select gardens contain a majority of plants that are resistant to deer/rabbits.

In order to view which plants are rabbit/deer resistant, go to the individual page of any of the gardens, scroll down a bit and click the blue “Download PDF” button on the right hand side. This will bring you to the  garden’s Plant Care Guide which describes each plant and provides what it’s resistant to, specific care and planting instructions, and its mature height and spread. *Look for the yellow exclamation point icon for its resistant properties!

Here’s a breakdown of the number of plants in each garden that are resistant to deer and/or rabbits:

1. Butterfly Bounty: 4/13 resistant to rabbits, 9/13 resistant to deer
2. Honey Bee Heaven: 7/14 resistant to rabbits, 11/14 resistant to deer
3. Sunny Daze: 3/7 resistant to rabbits, 6/7 resistant to deer
4.Naturally Native: 7/8 resistant to rabbits, 8/8 resistant to deer
5. Colorado Oasis: 3/8 resistant to rabbits, 2/8 resistant to deer
6. Seasons of Shades: 9/11 resistant to rabbits, 11/11 resistant to deer
7. Rocky Mountain Retreat: 7/11 resistant to rabbits, 8/11 resistant to deer
8. Mountain Shadows: 6/11 resistant to rabbits, 8/11 resistant to deer
9. Xeric Greatest Hits Sun: 3/7 resistant to rabbits, 6/7 resistant to deer
10. Xeric Greatest Hits Shade: 7/7 resistant to rabbits,  6/7 resistant to deer

It’s important to note that planting deer or rabbit resistant plants is a good first step to making sure your plants don’t get nibbled on by these neighborhood critters, but to ensure success we recommend taking other precautions. Hungry bunnies and deer will eat anything if they’re hungry enough! This article from CSU Extension goes into detail on methods for deterring deer, many of which can also be effective at ensuring rabbits to ravage your plants as well.